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Jeep CJ8 Scrambler

The Jeep name has made its mark in history. It has carried soldiers into battle and brought them safely back. It has carried missionaries into the deepest jungles all over the world. It has carried millions of civilians far down the road less traveled into parts unknown. So what do you get when you combine a heritage that rich with functionality of a present-day SUV?.....the Jeep CJ8 Scrambler. The Scrambler was an SUV before SUVs were cool, or even invented. It had the "I can go anywhere" attitude of the Jeep with pickup truck usefulness. The many top configurations made it even more useful. Add a full hardtop and you have a modern day SUV for all intent purposes.


Add a full soft top and you have an extended ragtop with space for the family and gear, camping equipment, coolers, and so on. Add a half hardtop and you have a pickup. Add a half soft top and you have a ragtop pickup. What other vehicle can compete with that?......none. It was produced from 1981-1986 with approximately 27,000 units produced. We can only assume that the Jeep "Scrambler" was a product of the marketing department whereas the Jeep engineers insisted on the CJ-8 denotation. So if the Scrambler was so great, why did they only make 27,000? Well, simply put, it was ahead of it's time. It came along as America was coming out of a gas crunch and the emphasis was on economy, not utility. People were buying smaller vehicles with better gas mileage.  Well, just like bellbottoms, utility is now in style. With the new push towards utility and the desire to drive something that didn't come from today's cookie-cutter SUVs, the Jeep CJ8 Scrambler has pounded back in popularity over the past few years. Naturally, the increased demand and already limited supply has driven the cost of the Scrambler up. So if you have one, you own a piece of automotive history. Where does that leave us? Why are you here? Both questions can be answered by saying that CJ 8 Scrambler owners are a dedicated bunch who love their vehicles and possess a desire to share our knowledge. We are here to help in that mission. If you are a Scrambler owner, you have found your campfire to sit around.



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