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2005 Jeep Scrambler 

Well we are well into 2005 now and I am not sure what the story is.  Perhaps the Jeep Scrambler will debut in 2006?  The article below was from several months ago.  If anybody has any "new" news, please let us know.  We are all anxious to take a peak at the new Jeep Scrambler

The sign next to the Jeep Scrambler at the recent NADA convention simply said "engineering concept", but the display also stated "2005 (model year) PRODUCTION SCRAMBLER WILL HAVE"

It was a soft announcement, but there is no doubt about it - the Scrambler will arrive next summer as a 2005 model. And it will look VERY much like this concept!

This engineering concept has a 19-inch stretched wheelbase, but the actual production model will be stretched far less - only ten inches as stated on Jeep's very own display, with a five-inch overhang stretch. But sources are now telling us that there may be both long- and short-wheelbase versions. The bed itself will measure in at approximately four feet, and the Scrambler will be powered by a four-cylinder engine, with an in-line six option.

The Scrambler concept shown here has a removable top, but others have spied a soft-top version as well. The Toledo, Ohio-built Scrambler will be produced in limited numbers of about 20,000 units per year for the 2005 Jeep Scrambler.

* Price $21,000 - $31,000
* Body Style: 2-Door
* 4ft Truck Bed
* 5 spd Manual
* 4 spd Automatic
* 147hp 2.4 liter 4cyl.
* 190hp 3.7 liter 6cyl.
* Possible Turbo Diesel



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